Dear millionaires and billionaires living in blue states, growing increasingly anxious:

Voters are tired of more of the same. But, here's a silver lining: A new era beckons! The world is evolving, and so must our politics. Imagine the country coming alive with a renewed sense of hope and optimism — all because you helped the Democrats create something brand new!

According to a New York Times/Siena poll taken in July 2024, just 13% of voters between the ages of 18-29 believe the country is on the right track, and 76% believe we're headed in the wrong direction.

By Mike Reid | August 2024

Look, I'm rooting extremely hard for Joe Biden.

But it's been going extremely badly right now, don't you think?

Ok, so how exactly did we get here?

Well, the Democrats had only one plan to win in 2024: Pretend things were totally fine while stifling dissent (but not solving any of the underlying problems) — a strategy that perhaps worked too well for too long.

But the mood among Democrats right now?

Morale is at an all time low.

We're just running in circles arguing about whether or not we should be allowed to discuss and debate. Of course we're allowed!

As the Democratic Renegades lead the charge to inject joy and optimism back into politics, we're standing at a pivotal moment. Your support has never been more crucial. This is democracy in action — powered by passionate people like you who grasp the essential role of active participation in shaping our future. The wave of negativity in political discourse can only be turned with your immediate donation. Whether you're contributing $1 or $500,000, don't wait. You are the spark that can set the political landscape ablaze with positivity and determined efforts. Your support is more than a gift; it's a beacon of hope. Together, let's transform political dialogue into an arena of optimism and enthusiastic participation.

And the most urgent question is: So WTF do we do now?

Ok. To imagine the very best 2024 strategy — if your goal is to prevent Trump from returning to the White House, but you're nervous about Joe's ability to win — imagine this hypothetical:

Imagine Joe Biden is running the New York City Marathon.

And imagine that if Joe doesn't finish the marathon, Trump will become president again from January 2025 - January 2029.

You're watching the race from Williamsburg, at mile marker 11, and the Joe Biden campaign happens to be in the same location.

Team Biden even brought a boombox and they've been blasting Everything Is Awesome from the Lego Movie on repeat for the last two hours. But wasn't Joe Biden supposed to be here by now?

Finally, you see Joe Biden round the corner, but he's not running, he's walking. And it looks like he's even limping a little bit.

So you look over at the Joe Biden campaign team to see if anyone has a plan to help Joe finish the race, but all they're doing is turning up the volume on Everything Is Awesome even louder.

So David Axelrod tries to get the Biden campaign's attention, but they're playing Everything Is Awesome so god damn loudly that not even David Axelrod can get their attention.

So what do you do?

Well the good news is that in today's political marathon — in the race to elect a president — anyone in America can jump into the race and help carry a limping candidate to the finish line.

But to succeed, we must win over swing voters — yes, we must woo voters who are now leaning towards supporting Trump.

Imagine one such swing voter as an independent man in his late 30s, his patience worn thin, a sense of unease creeping in.

This man lives in Pennsylvania.

Or, maybe he lives in Michigan.

Or, maybe he lives in Wisconsin.

But whether he lives in Pennsylvania, Michigan, or Wisconsin, his faith in the Democrat's vision has faded over the last four years, replaced by anxiety and disillusionment. And he yearns for a political narrative that acknowledges his struggles, addresses his needs, and offers a clear, compelling vision for the future.

Or, picture a fresh graduate from the class of 2024. A young woman born in the year 2002, a member of Gen Z, someone who spent her college years under the shadow of the pandemic.

It has been a time of uncertainty, fear, and profound change.

Yet, as she steps into the adult world, the question that weighs heavy on her mind is: What does the Democratic Party offer?

From her perspective: not enough.

So, how do we reach these voters? How do we cut through the noise and make our message resonate? We need to dive into uncharted territory, to invent brand new outreach strategies.

Laughter — that's what's missing from our politics. The world is a complex and challenging place, and laughter is a universal salve, a shared moment of understanding and connection.

So, let's do it. Let's create the compelling, engaging narrative that voters — and our nation — are seeking. The moment is now.

As the Democratic Renegades champion the cause of injecting joy and optimism back into politics, we stand at a crossroads where your support has never been more urgent or necessary. This is democracy in action — powered by people like you, who understand the critical role of active participation and support in shaping the future. The tide of negativity in political discourse can only be turned with your immediate donation right now. Whether you're contributing $1 or $500,000, don't wait! You are the catalyst that can set the political world ablaze with positivity and determined efforts. Your support is far more than a gift; it's a signal flare of hope, propelling us towards impactful strides in key areas. Let's join forces to morph the political dialogue into an arena of optimism and enthusiastic participation.

Welcome to 2024 — a year not just of challenges, but of immense potential and the urgent need for your political involvement.

The stakes are too high to look away. We must push boundaries, to innovate, and to connect like never before.

In these crucial times, your immediate support for the Democratic Renegades isn't just important — it's imperative for the health and vibrancy of our democracy. Your contribution empowers us to weave humor and hope into the fabric of our political discourse, setting a shining example of how democracy should function: engaged, informed, and driven by the positive force of its citizens. But without your swift support, the shadows of cynicism prevail. Every cent from $1 to $500,000 fuels our crucial outreach to disillusioned voters. Please, hesitate not a second longer.

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